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General Information

Each year, several scholars from around the world visit CBS to do research for their graduate, post-graduate, or independent projects. CBS offers the unique opportunity to benefit from the rich resources of a vibrant monastic institution of learning as well as a broad community of western trained scholars. Research affiliation is offered through Kathmandu University.

Affiliated researchers must have already obtained at least an MA, and their field of research must be compatible with the mission and research interests of CBS.

Applications are accepted at anytime of the year.

To apply to be a research affiliate, one must complete the following steps:

  • Fill in personal and educational details on the application form.
  • Upload research project proposal (4-5 pages).
  • Upload research affiliation request letter (including the title of research project, the start date and the duration in months for which you are requesting affiliation).
  • Upload an official copy of your Master (MA) transcript or proof of successful enrollment in a doctoral program or successful completion of your doctorate degree. The MA transcript needs to show grades. If this transcript is not in English, please also upload its official English translation.
  • Provide letter of reference from college or university professor. (Not necessary for post-doctoral researcher.)
  • Pay the application fee.

Remember to click the Save button after you complete each field. Once you have completed the requirements, declare that your application is complete. You can save your incomplete application at any point and come back to complete it later.

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